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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

Dance in the Rain

Every rainy season in your life has touched you deeply inside somewhere; it has made you grow, given you strength. Rains bring a rainbow; they stream colors into your life. And you come out as gold.

Peacocks wait for the rain. When they see dark clouds gathering they open their brilliant feathers. And when it rains, they dance so beautifully!

When dark clouds gather, the end has not come. You will pass through this time. As you are passing through it, there are two ways you can experience it: Either you can groan and cry and pass through it -- or you can sing and dance through it.

And when you can sing and dance in the rain, you will get so soaked in joy.

-- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Chasing the Moon

The moon waxes bright, it wanes dim,
but Your love ever flows forth like an eternal waterfall
flowing toward the ocean.

The full moon cannot do
justice to Your brilliance.
You are more like the
brilliance of the sun
in the cool summer breezes of Alaska, never setting
and ever-nourishing the
landscape with its light.

Your grace fills the
skies with laughter,
Your song sends thrills
through the universe,
The gentle movement of
Your heart
dances through the cosmos,
rippling waves of Divine Love throughout the universe.

Whether near or far,
the splendor of
Your Grace fills our hearts.

If I chase You,
You disappear
like the fleeting beauty of
an exotic butterfly.
If I surrender,
You are there waiting
with open arms ready
to take me into Your heart.

I must grow smaller and
You must grow larger.
Like the sun rising in the morning and overtaking the candle, which looks forward to melting down into the warm summer
breeze of Your Love.

-- Barry Rosen


The moon feels shy
The ocean rises high
At the fullness of
your Being

Guru Purnima, the full moon day in July, is a traditional day to honor the Master.

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