Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Way of Grace be reprinted?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's organizations have grown tremendously since The Way of Grace was published in 1996. The Art of Living Foundation is now an official NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations. Many new courses and programs are now available, such as ArtExcel, DSN, and 5H. Ashrams and new Centers have sprung up around the globe. Other organizations have been inaugurated, including the International Association for Human Values. There is so much happening that would need to be added to a future volume!

The Way of Grace was a very complex book to produce and would be a monumental task to update.

Perhaps we will put together a second edition sometime in the coming years -- but then again, that will be an entirely different book!

Why have you published the book on this web site?

So everyone in the world can have free access to these pages, and a peek back in time with Sri Sri and his teachings.

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